Top 4 Best Eyelash Enhancer Products

Women from all over the world have been in the long time quest for methods in order for them to have the fullest and longest eyelashes possible. With the influx of the lash enhancer products these days, the ultimate look for wholesale 3d mink lashes has finally arrived. Here is a quick glimpse into the top four best eyelash enhancer products out in the market right now.Ozwad

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Latisse (Available in Prescription Only)

The very first eyelash enhancement product that has been approved by the FDA, Latisse promises to give its users with darker, fuller, and longer wholesale 3d mink lashes. Manufactured by the very company that also made Juvederm and Botox, Latisse is available only through a prescription. Many women are raving regarding the remarkable results that it gave, yet there are some possible side effects that this product can give off, which means that it is a must for you to discuss these things first with your physician. Even though Latisse can be prescribed by just any doctor, there are still a few doctors who are more familiar with this compared to others. So far, Latisse’s price is about 125 dollars and sometimes, there are also rebates available.


Prior to Latisse hitting the market, most of the women were actually going gaga about Revitalash. It has first been developed by a certain doctor especially for his wife who, back then, was still recovering from her chemotherapy’s side effect, which was hair loss. This particular eyelash conditioner has continued supporting research on breast cancer while at the same time, it also gave women a great chance to have fuller and longer wholesale 3d mink lashes. From its original lash conditioner, Revitalash also offers hair growth items, and brow treatments and mascara products as well. Although Revitalash might require some time before its results become visible compared to the prescription counterpart, women will still surely find this product as effective. So far, the price of Revitalash starts from 100 dollars corresponding to a supply of 3 months.

Lilash Purified Eyelash Stimulator Treatments

These lash products comes with a particularly heavy price, yet it has a money back guarantee good for 90 days, and one supply can actually last for 5 months. Lilash fans are all raving how their eyelashes have grown so thick in which there are instances when other people even perceive them as fake. On the other hand, wearers of false eyelashes have attested that the product has helped in preventing the breakage of their natural wholesale 3d mink lashes. Lilash is set apart from the rest of the best eyelash enhancer products due to the fact that it claims to be something that is not irritating, which happens to be one common issue among products of this kind. Lilash’s price plays around 140 dollars.

regular mink fur lashes

wholesale 3d mink lashes

Real Lash Conditioning Eyelash Treatment

This particular product requires an application that is similar to that of mascara than an eyeliner. This one promises to condition and strengthen then wholesale 3d mink lashes while they grow naturally. Unlike the rest of the lash conditioners out in the market these days, this actually works on both top and bottom lashes and many users confirmed that this is really a highly successful product. Although you will be able to get luscious looking eyelashes, at a price of 44 dollars, this lash enhancer will never break the bank in contrast to other products of its type.


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