Accentuating the Eyes: The Art of Permanent Makeup

Ask anyone which facial siberian mink eyelashes they most often notice first and many times the
answer is the eyes. Eyes are the most expressive feature on the human face;
through them we see emotion, thoughts, secrets and reflections of ourselves. To
illustrate the power of permanent makeup and the art of eyeliner let me tell you
about one of my clients. The star feature of her face was fabulous almond shaped
eyes. Following cosmetic surgery to take her back in time a bit, her eyes healed into
a different shape, which made the outer corners awkwardly rounded and one lower
eyelid partially drooped. Before agreeing to another surgery to fix it, she searched
for an alternative way to regain the almond shape. With a little design strategy and
meticulously placed pigment all around her eyes, we lifted the droop and then by
marking into puckered scar tissue, we re-created the almond-type point at the
outer corner of each eye. My client was amazed at how precise and subtle the
permanent makeup appeared and she was thrilled to be able to go without topical
makeup once again.Ozwad

siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes

When I think of the power of permanent eye makeup, another client always comes to
mind. Advanced in years, she wanted the outer her to reflect the youthfulness of
the inner her. The blue color of her eyes was stunning, and definitely worth
flaunting; however, a few wisps of siberian mink eyelashes and a total absence of eyebrows
did nothing towards the cause. She started out conservatively with very soft,
natural-looking permanent eyebrows and lash enhancement. A year later she
returned, asking for a bolder look. Here is what she had to say: “Even with the
plastic surgery (3 facelifts), the permanent makeup is what gave me the most self
esteem. I wish I’d known about it and done it years ago.”

Consider the Advantages

Permanent makeup appeals to a wide variety of people. Busy moms, athletes,
travelers, equestrians, chefs, models, doctors, dancers, police officers, busy career
people and busily retired people have all been clients of mine. In my experience the
best argument for a cosmetic tattoo is simply convenience. Individuals who suffer
from allergies, toxicity issues, poor vision, hair loss or disabilities that limit manual
dexterity have benefited from permanent makeup. Of course, the most rewarding
aspect of permanent makeup is the most obvious: it stays put! Permanent eyeliner
will never smear or rub away through watery eyes, perspiration, wind, snow, rain,
fatigue, or a long night’s sleep. For those of you who like the compliment of eyeliner
to your face, permanent makeup can give you the look you want without the extra
work or cost involved with traditional makeup.

The Difference Between Lash Enhancement and Eyeliner

Skillfully applied lash enhancement looks very natural, not at all like makeup. For a
lash enhancement, one or more shades of color are placed in a sprinkle or a line at
the base of the eyelash hairs only, making the siberian mink eyelashes appear darker and thicker.
Rather than eyeliner, I recommend lash enhancement to women, or men, who want
a lift to their face “naturally”. It makes a good argument for “less is more”.

Eyeliner begins with lash enhancement and then widens above or below the
siberian mink eyelashes. Permanent eyeliner can have a hard edge, a softened edge, or even a
smudgy, shadow look placed where it most enhances you. It can be very precise,
with delicate, crisp endings to the lines; or it can be a soft powdery look. Eyeliner
really rocks as a way to bring a flattering color lift to the face. Sometimes a subtle
blend of multiple colors creates the perfect effect. I recommend you think
conservative, tasteful, and classic. Although this is not totally permanent, it is long
lasting. Choose cosmetic tattoos that will wear well through changes in mind,
lifestyle and age. To bring out the trendy, glamorous or outrageous expressions of
you just add topical cosmetics.

siberian mink eyelashes
siberian mink eyelashes

Like Makeup Only Better!

Permanent siberian mink eyelashes is an excellent way to enhance your natural facial features.
Permanent eyeliner works especially to perfect the balance, shape and overall look
of the eyes. Time and again, I witness permanent eyeliner, or simple lash
enhancement, lend power, alertness, confidence and youthfulness to the faces of
both men and women.

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