5 Hits to the Ultimate 1950s Makeup Knockout

I love going back and looking at old makeup variations and learning about what people used to consider ‘in fashion’ for each time period and mink extensions is no different.Ozwad

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I’ve done a little research and I’ve come up with the 5 Hits To The Ultimate 1950s Makeup Knockout.

For this tutorial you’re gonna need:

-black eyeliner/carbon black mink extensions(either will do),
-soft red blush,
-contouring makeup (shadow and highlight of course),
-red lipstick and pencil for liner,
-3 eyeshadow colors (matte) close to your skin tone (one slightly lighter(base), slightly darker, more dark) all skin tone ariations
-regular matte eyeshadow (much lighter than skin tone)
-all applicable brushes

1)Thick eyebrows: After applying the foundation, let’s start with the eyebrows, draw them fashionably thicker than most women wear today because this was the noticeable thing from the 50s.

2)Neutral EyeShadows: We’re using shadows that mimic the natural highs and lows on the face because the 50s catered to a more natural color palette. Apply the slightly lighter color all over the eye for the base, apply the slightly darker color for the crease (inner and outer), then apply just enough of the more dark shadow to the outer crease.

3)Thick-Lined Top Lashline: Now it’s time to focus on the upper mink extensions line. For the Ultimate 1950 Makeup, attention is focused on the upper mink extensions but the lower lashline, for the most part, is left neglected. I’ll get to that in a minute. Apply your black eyeliner or your black shadow onto your upper mink extensions to create a thick line, that just slightly extends away from the natural lash line. For the bottom, apply a thin line to the edge of the lashes and if desired you can add a white line to the water line, or the inner edge of the lashline that almost directly touches the eye.

4)Lightly contoured cheekbones: Great cheekbones are reminiscent of the Hepburns and added to the iconic 50s look. Take your contouring shadow and apply lightly to the hallow of the cheek. Start from the top of the ear at your hairline and pull towards the corner of your mouth, stopping mid-cheek. Your color should be stronger near the ear and lighter as it goes into your cheek. Then apply a contour highlight above that for emphasis, making the same fading effect as the shadow before. Then apply the red blush very lightly on the blend between the high and low tone you just created.

5)Red/Reddish Lipstick: Now for the just as iconic red lips! First make sure we apply foundation to the lips to hold the makeup better, then concealer to the outer edge around the lips also to hold lipstick at bay. Take your red pencil and line your lips next, and then color in your lips with the pencil. Then, using a lipstick brush, apply the lipstick to the inside of the lips first, create line and fill.

That’s it! You should have the Ultimate 1950s mink extensions look! But…

I can’t blame you if you feel a little confused.

There’s a blog post on 2010 Fashion Blog that’s also about creating the Ultimate 1950s Makeup and at the bottom you’re directed to a video mink extensions! But that’s only if you want to see it in action, it is only makeup after all…

mink extensions

Christopher J White is an internet entrepreneur who wants to share his opinion and knowledge on a variety of mink extensions. If you’re interested in seeing the video tutorial mentioned in the article about the 5 Hits to the Ultimate 1950s Makeup Knockout, head on over to 2010 Fashion Blog for the link!


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