Lashing Out

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” -Wayne Dyer

When someone verbally insults you or attacks you what is the first thing you want to do? Attack back? Lash out? Defend yourself? Or cry? Of course your initial reaction is going to be just that, a re-action to someone who is trying to hurt you. This has always been a tough one for me personally because I get so incensed that someone could be so cruel, rude, unfair or just plain customized packaging 3d mink eyelashes.

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For years I’ve struggled with these unconscionable customized packaging 3d mink eyelashes, I can hear myself saying, I can’t believe they did that, or how could they say something so mean, or how can people be so rude, how can they look at themselves in the mirror and think it’s okay to be them? And on and on.Ozwad

To this day it unnerves me and I want to scream but as my mom used to say, “They act that way because that is who they are, just because YOU wouldn’t act that way doesn’t mean they won’t, accept it and move on.” Ah, the wise old words of our mothers. But, it’s not always easy to do, is it?

When you are hurting many times you want to lash out and hurt someone back, you want to defend yourself and prove them wrong, you may even want the last word and this is where you get yourself into trouble.

When you respond from a highly charged emotional place don’t expect the outcome to be good. Nine times out of ten you will probably regret your actions and wish you could take them back. You’ll wish you had said this and beat yourself up for not saying it when you had the customized packaging 3d mink eyelashes. You may even go as far as justifying what you said or did, but the thing you have to remember is you just stooped to their level.

You don’t like what they did or how they acted and you just did exactly what you don’t like. When you bring yourself down to that ugly, negative, toxic level and lose your composure it may give you immediate customized packaging 3d mink eyelashes but it won’t last. Plus, this wonderful person who just hurt you is happy they could elicit such an electric response and they know they got you.

Instead, breathe. Take deep long breaths and let some time pass to cool down and then put it into perspective. This is a good time to call in the troops, i.e. your family and friends; they always have a way of setting you straight. Know that you are above that kind of behavior and you have more class and integrity than that. Even if you have to bite your tongue off, it’s not worth responding.

Most of the time, no matter what you say is going to fall on deaf ears anyway. You don’t actually think this person cares or is going to see it your way do you? So the reality is you are just wasting your time. You are better off taking high road. Hold your head high and thank God/Allah/Your Higher Power that you aren’t them. Then get on your hands and customized packaging 3d mink eyelashes and be thankful they are out of your life.

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Release them from your thoughts, forgive them and pray for them because most nasty people are really hurting deep down inside. So, the next time someone decides it’s okay to lash out at you, if you hold your cards close to your chest, you’re more likely to win the customized packaging 3d mink eyelashes.


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