The Most Important Day of Her Life

She walked cautiously on the slippery road lest she should fall. It rained heavily in the morning and still the sky was overcast with clouds. The weather forecast predicted to have more rain in the next 24 hours. It was half past seven in the evening and Angelina can feel a tinge of cold in the air. She pulled up her stole and took careful steps to avoid any mishap. She could hear cheerful music coming out of the cafes and other restaurants on the Mall. Sometimes the lively laughter of some young couples could also be heard at a china mink fur eye lashes. Most of the people were out for an evening walk, enjoying the lovely weather and the preparation for Valentines, which was due in a couple of days.Ozwad

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Angelina looked at the red heart shaped balloons and chocolates packs that were specially designed for valentines. She could never think of buying them, but can only long to have them, which she has been doing for the last so many years. Some wishes always remain wishes, they are never turned into a reality and it seemed true in Angelina’s case.

Born in a poor family she always found life more challenging than the other children of her age. While completing her high school she felt this difference a lot, but she never made it a complex. She was very good at studies and always passed with flying colours. Her teachers were proud of her. It was this confidence that she chose medical as her profession and proceded her studies with the scholarship she achieved for her talents. But studies was not the only problem. Her father passed away when she completed her high school and she had to look after her handicapped mother, who couldn’t walk. Besides her studies she joined a part time job in a grocery shop, where she had to check the accounts. Mrs Danis, the shop owner was a furious lady, who would flare up at petty things. Angelina would always become a victim of her fury, but she tolerated it as there was no other china mink fur eye lashes.

The Mall was over crowded that day and she had to increase her pace as she was already late for her job. She thought of Mrs Danis, her grumpy face and sarcastic smile blurred her vision. She could hear her yelling,” what the heck! what took you so long?” The sudden beep of a passing by car brought her back to reality and she moved aside still keeping her pace steady.

She was a few yards away from her work place when all of a sudden she heard a sudden commotion as if somebody was moaning in a low voice. She tried to avoid, but an unknown force pushed her towards the dark lonely corner where somebody was painfully moaning. ” Who could it be, someone injured, a street wanderer, or a trick to trap her?” All these thoughts passed through her mind in a flash, the last one of which was quite appalling.

She mustered up all her courage and moved forward keeping back all her anxiety, just remembering her father’s advice,” My child never leave someone in trouble.” To her astonishment she saw a gentleman lying upside down in the corner. He had bruises on his face and his shirt was smeared with blood. “Oh my Lord!” she uttered a muffled cry. ”I must call the ambulance.” It seemed to her a robbery or murder case. She rushed towards the stranger again. Being a student of medical, she knew a lot about first aid. She checked his stomach wound that resulted from a knife stab and tied her stole tightly around his waist to stop the flow of blood and made him drink water from her flask. After that things started happening mechanically. She rang up 15 and they arrived within seconds. The man was rushed to the hospital and she marched back to her grocery shop, where Mrs Danis stood in her reception with all the sarcastic china mink fur eye lashes she could use for her. Angelina let it go as she was satisfied to save the life of a human being and that was the cause she was studying for, the cause of serving and saving the humanity.

The next day she saw the pictures of that gentle,whose life she saved last night. To her surprise he was Andrew Bills, the owner of a well reputed company dealing in leather garments. However she was more delighted to know that he was safe and sound. He was attacked by a few street robbers and the police assured the media to arrest them within the next 24 hours.

It was valentines eve. the whole city was shimmering with the red colour of valentines. All the youngsters were so excited to celebrate this joyful occasion. Gifts, cards, chocolates and balloons, that symbolize this day of love, were on sale everywhere. All the class fellows of Angelina were also celebrating this eve. They offered her to join them, but she reluctantly refused as she couldn’t afford this celebration keeping in view her financial china mink fur eye lashes.

That evening she was sitting with her mum, studying for her mid term exam. Her mum was looking at her with great affection. Tears of love flooded her eyes,” how beautiful my child is! My Lord make her future also beautiful like her.” She wished desperately. Angelina noticed her mother’s constant gaze and asked,”what mum?” ”Julie ( that’s the name her mum called her with) I wish you find your valentine this year”,her mother said innocently. She raised her china mink fur eye lashes, looked at her mum as if saying ”you are right”,but instead uttered with a heavy heart, ”come on mum I can’t even afford to dream about something that is not in my fate.” No my sweetheart you shouldn’t think like that. What if the good Angel is passing by and he hears your words,” her mum said abruptly. This took Angelina into her childhood when her granny would always advise her to make only nice wishes as the good Angel can pass by any time and he was known for making nice wishes true. Ever since then she would always make good wishes with the hope that may be the good Angel would make them a reality, but most of them just remained wishes. And now after so many years, her mother again reminded her of the good Angel.

The sudden knock on the door brought her back to reality. who could it be?, she thought. she opened the door and unconsciously stepped back to saw a handsome young gentleman standing in front of her. She was taken aback by the untold charm of his charismatic personality. for a minute she thought the good Angel had heard her mum’s wish.” May I see Miss Brown?”, he said in his husky voice. She shuddered as if had come out of a sudden trance. ” Yes I am Miss Brown”. She replied in a low voice, thinking who could this person be. ”I am Andrew Bills, the one who owes his life to you,as you are my rescuer. You saved me from that fatal incident. I am here to say thanks to you”, he said in a well balanced tone. The memories of that evening clicked to her mind and his face now seemed quite familiar to her. ” Oh! so glad to see you hale and hearty, come in please”, she said excitedly as she was really happy to see someone she saved that day.

He brought her a new stole and insisted her to keep it. He told her mother that she was lucky to have a soft hearted daughter, who cares for the pains of others even in this selfish materialistic era, when everyone looks after his on interest only.she felt so good to see him sitting with her mother talking in a polite tone not the least bothered that their small house was not worth him. For the first time she felt embarrassed of her shabby get up. She wished to be dressed nicely in front of him. Time and again she felt the hot glow of his magical glaze on her face and she found herself almost shivering with nervousness. And then he left, leaving behind the sweet aroma of his perfume. She wanted to wish him “HAPPY VALENTINES”, but couldn’t gather up the courage to do so.

That night she was lost in the valley of her sweet china mink fur eye lashes. She met the good Angel and wished to have Andrew Bills as her Valentine.

While going to Mrs Danis shop that evening she saw many couples celebrating china mink fur eye lashes. The day would be over soon she thought gloomily. she craved for her valentine and would have kept doing the same, if she wouldn’t have heard a car stopping by her side. she jumped in horror. ” watch your steps honey”, the driver got down and stood in front of her. ”You Mr Andrew! what a pleasant surprise”, she said cheerfully. I just came to tell you something very special and I hope you won’t refuse it”, he said hopefully. Angelina was confused. her heart missed a beat, when she heard him saying “will you be my Valentine?” Her heart was thudding faster and faster. She couldn’t believe her ears. She thought it was a dream and would be over soon when she would be awake.

china mink fur eye lashes
china mink fur eye lashes

But it was neither her dream nor her imagination. It was a reality. Andrew Bills, the man of her dreams had proposed her. All the seven china mink fur eye lashes of rainbow started dancing around her. She felt the whole world saying ”Happy Valentines” to her. He handed her over a bouquet of fresh red roses as a token of their true love. She considered herself lucky to have him. She could hear the happy songs of valentine echoing in her ears. This time the good Angel has made her wish come true. They decided to get married soon. This Valentine was the most important day of her life.


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